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Use Excel to Scrape Data (NO CODES REQUIRED)

  Photo by cyda Motivation Despite the fact that Python and R are growing extremely fast, no one can deny that Excel is still one of the major tools for analysts to do tabular exploration and I found that there is a large proportion of the audience is interested in leveraging Excel to further study the data. One of the major tasks is to regularly update the Excel spreadsheet based on the latest data. In my previous post, I have illustrated how to use Python to do so, and in case you have not yet seen it, you may check the link below. Use Python to Stylize the Excel Formatting Step by step tutorial to format the Excel spreadsheet using Python However, I have received some feedback telling me that they have no clues on how to write Python code. The only tool they or their companies would use is Excel and this is the reason why I write this article. Goal A few years ago when I was new to Python and R, I have no ideas how to collect data from the Internet, let alone

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