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Use Python to Process PDF Work

Without Adobe PDF software, you can also edit the PDF such as adding text, splitting pages and extracting information. Photo by  cyda Goal One of the office challenges people may face would be the lack of software to handle PDF editing actions. In today tutorial, I will show you how to use Python to freely extract information from PDF or modify the content in the PDF. After the article, you will learn the methods to EXTRACT the key information from the PDF. the ways to SPLIT the PDF page. the procedure to ADD different elements to the PDF. the manner to EXPORT the PDF into images. Also, if you are interested to check other office work tips, feel free to check my other articles on Medium. Use Python to Stylize the Excel Formatting Step by step tutorial to format the Excel spreadsheet using Python Use Excel to Scrape Data (NO CODES REQUIRED) Three simple steps to scrape data with Excel built-in function Use Python to Automate the PowerPoint Update Step b

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